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Capture-as-a-Service™ (CaaS)

Part of the Blackdragon Integrated Product Suite

CaaS products are opportunity-specific, a la carte, fixed price capture deliverables created on-demand by custom fitted teams of the most relevant industry experts.

W offer 17 Modular Capture ® products available for immediate purchase. Clients may choose (optional)  any combination of these affordable, fast turnaround, high quality deliverables for each target opportunity pursued.

Buy precisely what is needed to improve PWin, as it is needed, and go!

Each purchased CaaS product may be "updated" indefinitely for the same target opportunity for 50% of the original cost and completed within 50% of the original time.

Modular, fixed price capture deliverables created on-demand

  • CaaS #1:  Request for Information (RFI) or Technical White Paper
    Tailored correspondence to Government with recommendations for upcoming RFP to be released. Demonstrates Client is qualified, responsive, and helpful.

  • CaaS #2:  SWOT Analysis (Specific Deal)
    In-depth identification of Client's key strengths, weaknesses, plus opportunities and threats pertinent to the target opportunity. This intense self-examination can be very insightful for Client decision makers in addition to serving as an academic guide for maximizing potential teaming arrangements.

  • CaaS #3:  Overall Competitive Assessment
    Comprehensive assessment of known and potential competitors. Includes high level rating of top-tier most likely competitors using anticipated key success factors needed to win.

  • CaaS #4:  Teaming Analysis and Outreach
    Summarized core competency meatball chart of potential best-fitting subcontractors to maximize PWin. Includes initial outreach (unattributed, if desired) to desired candidate firms and facilitation of introductory meetings.

  • CaaS #5:  Individual Competitor Profiling
    Thorough examination of a single competitor or potential subcontractor teammates for a target opportunity. Provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify possible opportunities and threats for optimum posturing, preparation and pre-proposal readiness.

  • CaaS #6:  General Price-To-Win (PTW) Analysis
    Analysis of incumbent (if any) pricing history, top-down estimated price range Government, and overall trend of those LCAT/work types in the Federal space at the work location(s).

  • CaaS #7:  Advanced Price-To-Win (PTW) Analysis
    Robust analysis with top-down estimated price range Government is willing to pay for the new contract. Includes bottom-up estimate of what top-tier potential competitors will likely bid (range). Also includes a final recommended PTW strategy backed by modeling/gaming maneuvers for Client to employ with complete pricing forecast for anticipated most aggressive competitors.

  • CaaS #8:  Subject Matter Expert Interviews
    Tailored gathering, collection, and compilation of critical information and relevant intelligence from hard-to-reach, knowledgeable sources pertaining to broad range of topics associated with maximizing Client's PWin. This deliverable is created by a custom-built team of freelance experts (size of team may vary) pooling their combined resources such as existing key relationships, program familiarity, historical knowledge, related experience and professional bidder expertise providing extraordinary insight for the Client.

This is an especially a great product if Client:
• Cannot get direct access Government decision makers and influencers
• Lacks established relationships with key individuals relevant to opportunity
• Lacks time and/or resources for conventional approaches 
• Prefers to remain anonymous (optional)


  • CaaS #9:  Incumbent Personnel Recruiting
    Identify, interview, and obtain resumes of targeted incumbent staff personnel. If custom Letters of Commitment (LOC) are required for the upcoming target proposal, this deliverable includes attaining successfully recruited candidates signed LOC's on the Client's letterhead.

  • CaaS #10:  Black Hat Review
    Competitive assessment scores Client + up to 2 competitors against anticipated evaluation criteria. Provides summarized list of key differentiators setting Client apart. Requires a completed SWOT Analysis.

  • CaaS #11:  White Hat Review
    Detailed assessment on whether the target contract is a healthy opportunity to pursue based on Client goals and limitations, how will Client outperform competition if awarded contract, how does Client compare to strongest competitor plus recommended actions to be a stronger bidder. Requires a completed Black Hat Review.

  • CaaS #12:  Technical Solutioning
    Detailed draft of competitive technical solution to fulfill anticipated RFP requirements, documented rationale with estimated costs and schedule to complete; plus, recommended stakeholder agreements or investments.

  • CaaS #13:  Customized Marketing Campaign/Event
    A specific, defined promotional activity used to market Client’s new or changed product or service, or to demonstrate new marketing channels and methods.

  • CaaS #13:  Customized Marketing Campaign/Event
    Open House and/or job fair to attract and screen qualified personnel to be included in proposal.

  • CaaS #15:  Promotional Collateral
    Custom designed and produced media, advertisements, or materials to communicate Client’s product or service offering to a targeted audience.

  • CaaS #16:  Capabilities Presentation
    Comprehensive design, production, scheduling, facilitation and coordination support related to presenting (or demo) Client’s relevant product or service capabilities to a targeted audience.

  • CaaS #17:  Pre-Proposal Bid Package
    Be smart, use time to your bidding advantage and get ahead of the solicitation. Have the core elements of the proposal response shaped and in place before the RFP is released. Pre-proposal bundled package includes:
    • Technical Solution Defined and Management Outline Complete
    • Teaming and Subcontractor Analysis for highest PWin
    • Key Personnel Identification
    • General Price-To-Win Strategy

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Blackdragon Integrated Product Suite

Clients flexibly create customized combinations of our products to maximize competitiveness, lower risks, and enhance return on investment.

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Advising Pipeline Capture Winning

Advising-as-a-Service™ (AaaS)


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Capture-as-a-Service™ (CaaS)


Winning-as-a-Service™ (WaaS)



How Blackdragon Works

Blackdragon is a platform business generating value between two user groups: “Buyers” are federal contractor firms seeking to win competitively awarded contracts with the US Government, and “Sellers” are freelance experts of various backgrounds, talents, and relevant experiences most adept at creating winning bids for targeted government contracts.

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How the Blackdragon Marketplace works

What makes Blackdragon different

Freelancers maximize platform benefits

Blackdragon is your competitive advantage


Who Is Blackdragon?

As the largest and fastest-growing bid and proposal (B&P) company throughout the Federal contracting industry, Blackdragon is the only of its kind full-spectrum outsource solution that wins entire contracts on behalf of bidder clients. Our disruptive platform serves as a matchmaking marketplace combining powerful aspects of the rising Gig Economy—completely rethinking the value chain.

The Blackdragon integrated suite of on-demand products and services is designed to help bidder clients win targeted contracts in the shortest time with lowest investment risks and minimal disruption to daily operations. It is a powerful collection of complementary attributes for winning, sharing a common objective, and the ability to easily exchange data with each other.

Blackdragon is the federal contracting industry’s most advanced technology platform where bidder clients purchase distinct, on-demand, fixed-price solutions and our innovative matchmaking marketplace finds the right experts who quickly create the customized deliverables.

  • Better – higher quality with improved consistency
  • Faster – agile responsiveness with rapid turnarounds
  • Cheaper – more cost-effective because clients buy fixed-price deliverables created by the most qualified experts. This approach improves ROI because it's not about logging time or carrying unproductive overhead costs linked to poor-fitting employees. Try it once and you'll never go back.

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Blackdragon Is Revolutionizing The Way Bidders Win The Right Contracts

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Blackdragon is disrupting its industry for the better