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Advising-as-a-Service™ (AaaS)

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Deliverable-Based Subscription with Flexible Pricing Plans

Optimize your company's performance with lower risks and better ROI

  • Be proactive rather than reactive, foresee your company's future over the next 3 years and be prepared.

  • Build enthusiasm throughout your company and get everybody on the same page by defining long-term goals and establishing a clear sense of direction.

  • Increase market share and profitability by maintaining a fresh perspective of how your firm fits within evolving business landscapes, as well as keeping a methodical assessment of your company’s constantly changing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Develop aligned strategies and actionable tactics with contingencies to address any identified problems with minimal disruption. Assign timelines and responsibilities turning plans into reality.

  • Improve the bottom line by enhancing operational efficiency through measuring performance against goals and improving processes in meaningful ways.

  • Reinforce your brand with a strategic marketing plan that better positions your company within the dynamic marketplace, heightens awareness of your business, nurtures current customers, attracts new prospects, strengthens organizational readiness for growth and helps analyze what works.

  • Make your business more durable and achieve max potential by reducing risks with better decision making.

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Blackdragon Integrated Product Suite

Clients flexibly create customized combinations of our products to maximize competitiveness, lower risks, and enhance return on investment.

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Advising Pipeline Capture Winning

Advising-as-a-Service™ (AaaS)


Pipeline-as-a-Service™ (PLaaS)


Capture-as-a-Service™ (CaaS)


Winning-as-a-Service™ (WaaS)



How Blackdragon Works

Blackdragon is a platform business generating value between two user groups: “Buyers” are federal contractor firms seeking to win competitively awarded contracts with the US Government, and “Sellers” are freelance experts of various backgrounds, talents, and relevant experiences most adept at creating winning bids for targeted government contracts.

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How the Blackdragon Marketplace works

What makes Blackdragon different

Freelancers maximize platform benefits

Blackdragon is your competitive advantage


Who Is Blackdragon?

As the largest and fastest-growing bid and proposal (B&P) company throughout the Federal contracting industry, Blackdragon is the only of its kind full-spectrum outsource solution that wins entire contracts on behalf of bidder clients. Our disruptive platform serves as a matchmaking marketplace combining powerful aspects of the rising Gig Economy—completely rethinking the value chain.

The Blackdragon integrated suite of on-demand products and services is designed to help bidder clients win targeted contracts in the shortest time with lowest investment risks and minimal disruption to daily operations. It is a powerful collection of complementary attributes for winning, sharing a common objective, and the ability to easily exchange data with each other.

Blackdragon is the federal contracting industry’s most advanced technology platform where bidder clients purchase distinct, on-demand, fixed-price solutions and our innovative matchmaking marketplace finds the right experts who quickly create the customized deliverables.

  • Better – higher quality with improved consistency
  • Faster – agile responsiveness with rapid turnarounds
  • Cheaper – more cost-effective because clients buy fixed-price deliverables created by the most qualified experts. This approach improves ROI because it's not about logging time or carrying unproductive overhead costs linked to poor-fitting employees. Try it once and you'll never go back.

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Blackdragon Is Revolutionizing The Way Bidders Win The Right Contracts

Moxie Award 2019

Blackdragon wins Moxie Award

for Being a Bold, Disruptive Change Agent
across the Federal Contracting Industry

CEO Monthly Magazine_FrontCover_2021Feb

CEO Monthly Magazine
selects Blackdragon CEO as
"CEO of the Year, 2020, for the US"

"Recognized For Innovative Leadership"

Blackdragon is disrupting its industry for the better